360° Emotional Analytics


Emotional Analytics Allow You To Focus Investment Where It Has The Most Impact

Vicomi provides a truly unified emotional data experience across your entire online presence.

Identify which emotional channels and campaigns deliver the best KPI’s, revenue and highest marketing ROI so you can put your resources where they will have the most impact.


Share Progress With Emotional Reports And Dashboards

Analyze users emotional feedback at scale and gain insights to inform brands and campaigns decisions.

Identify opportunities to improve campaigns, get insights on new emotional impacts, and measure performance and your own KPI’s over time.


Tie Revenue To The Emotional Campaigns That Create It

Show how your emotional campaigns influence sales and KPI’s at every stage of the user journey.

Now you can finally tie revenue directly to the campaigns that generate it at the very basic emotional stage, proving the impact of emotional marketing to management and other key decision-makers in your organization.

Map And Measure Your Emotional Users Journey

Understand your users emotional journey and measure key performance metrics across each campaign and stage.

Use the users emotional journey to inform your overall marketing strategy and trigger the right messages at the right time, as individuals progress from stage to stage.


Control Your Own Data

Vicomi does not own or share emotional audience data. Emotional analytics are generated from first party data and are streamed encrypted into the clients own servers.

In compliance with user privacy regulations such as the GDPR, Vicomi supports its clients on the way to become experts in emotional and data-driven marketers.