Convert user emotions into first-party data.

Engage users, collect their emotional reaction to content
and transform the data into revenue with the leading
emotion analytics solution for agencies and brand marketers.

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How Does It Work



Integrate the Vicomi Reaction Platform with a few lines of code in landing pages, content hubs or publisher websites and start collecting emotion analytics.



Systematically analyze and transform the data attributes from diverse sources to a holistic emotional view of your audience.



Activate emotion analytics on the leading marketing, programmatic and data warehousing solutions.

Simplify your marketing analytics with one powerful dashboard.

Replace manual spreadsheets and standard marketing dashboards with the Vicomi Emotion Analytics and gain an holistic view of your audience including their emotional reaction to content. 

What are the Vicomi benefits?

Emotion analytics and emotional audience footprint based onfirst-party data across mobile and desktop channels.
  • User emotions per content
  • User emotions per weekday
  • User emotions by time of day
  • User emotions per content
  • User emotions by device
  • User emotions by traffic source
  • Engagement and click rates
  • Time spent and attention times

And many more data points fully compliant with user privacy regulations and GDPR.

Emotion Analytics. Start now with Vicomi

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